JG-905 PU shoe machine Production Line



PU shoe machine Production Line

1. This production line can be suitable for different materials of outsole and upper,also improve 30% of contact force.
2. Using the infrared light waves produce resonate with glue molecules and speed up the drying.
3. The new temperature controladopting the composite reflective insulation board,it can save energy about the 30%-50% in a large extent compare to general hot air circulation drying tunnel.
4. It has the unique device of detoxification,can discharge the vapour and otiose gas in thetunnel.
5. The design of ergonomic can save manpower and increase the output
6:SM3021 can provide specific way of oil circulation,deal with different combination of glue and water-based glue.
7. There are three different conveyor for you choose.
8. The length can be designed as your requirement.
9. You can choose different device of tunnel.

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