JG-806 Polyurethane sole pouring machine



Polyurethane shoe sole pouring machine

5tanks, capacity of each tank: 160L or 250L Can three colors three density PU and transparent PU shoe sole at the same time

Polyurethane shoe sole pouring machine Working principle

Put the raw material into PU sole pouring machine the storage tank for pressurization by the pressurizing unit, pass through the raw material circuit, and then reach the storage tank to ensure that the system is not blocked,This is a circulation system.

JG-806 Polyurethane sole pouring machine Characteristics:

1. Have three A tank and two B tank, can make different density and different color foaming outsole, by mix each A and B under requirement. Especially advantage in double pouring head can make transparent polyurethane outsole at same time.
2. Under different proportion of A and B raw material, can get different properties polyurethane sole material. The mix head with five needle which can work independently.
3. Heating system with oil circulation, make heating more fast and more efficient in power saving.
4. Self-developed PLC, with function of setting time, real-time monitoring and so on.
5. The speed of pump use frequency conversion control, with advantages of energy saving and keep the rotational speed
 when voltage instability.


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